The following is applicable to all Olympic, World, European and all other Championships betting.

In Futures betting opportunities all bets shall stand irrespective of whether the athlete competes or not (all in run or not). If an athlete withdraws before they have taken part in the event, the bet will be a loser.

Head-to-Head betting

Both athletes must start an event, or all bets will be void.

Group Betting

In the event of any athlete failing to take part, all subsequent group bets will be made void.

Bet Settlement

All bets will be settled on the medal ceremony regardless of any subsequent disqualification. If there is no podium ceremony, settlement of bets will be based on the result declared by the official International Association of Athletics Federation (I.A.A.F) immediately after the event, irrespective of any subsequent enquiry.

Cancellation of Event – Track/Field

If a track or field event is cancelled for any reason prior to the event then all bets will be void.

Winning Time/Distance

Settled as per the result listed by the governing body (IAAF).

Sports Betting FAQ

Sports Betting FAQ

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