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Mobile connection stability

Unfortunately, no mobile coverage is perfect, and just like playing from a computer, your connection to the game server will be as good as the worst link in the route from your device to our game server.

The Internet is a peer to peer network. Information between your device and our servers will pass through a large number (8 to 24 or more) of peers, machines that are not ours and that also do not belong to your Internet Service Provider. Your connection is only as good as the worst of these machines. If any single one of these is having trouble or fails to properly forward your data, you will experience a disconnect.

This means that you may experience lag or disconnection issues even under the very best circumstances. You will often be able to check email or browse other sites, even if your connection with us experiences brief outages. This is because the path (the chain of machines) between you and each destination site you visit is different. The path to your email server, for example, is very short since your email server is usually right there at your Internet Service Provider.

Also, please note that when switching between networks, such action can take your mobile device up to 90 seconds to reconnect when switching from a cellular (3G/4G) to a Wi-Fi connection. In this time, you will be disconnected from the server if you are logged in. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you sit out from the table before switching networks.


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