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Requesting playing history audit

Your deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and playing history is available from our software. To request this information:


  1. Account
  2. History
  3. Playing History Audit
  1. Tools
  2. History & Stats
  3. Playing History Audit
  1. Tap on the Account icon
  2. History
  3. Playing History

Once you're there, select a date range and a password for the file. You can choose any password you want. But, we don't recommend using the same password as you use for your account. If you wish to view your StarsCoin information, ensure the relevant box is checked.

Next, select the file format (Excel (97-2003), HTML, or a text file) then choose Submit. You'll need to enter your account password to confirm the request. We'll then send you an email with further instructions to your registered address.

If you cannot open the file, you have an older program that doesn’t support the playing audit file. To resolve this, you'll need to upgrade your compression program. We recommend using WinZip (choose Download then TRY IT FREE) or 7-zip to open the file.


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