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Spin & Bet explanation

Everyone wants excellent odds, and with our Spin & Bet, you're in with a great chance!

What is Spin & Bet?

It's our revolutionary sports betting product that'll allow you to get up to ten times the odds on your bets, and up to ten times the odds mean up to ten times the winnings! Spin & Bet takes our success of the trendy Spin & Go tournaments and applies it to sports betting, giving casual and serious bettors alike the chance to post massive wins.

To get started, head over to our homepage, where you'll find Spin & Bet in the top right corner. From there, choose your bet from the available events and enter your stake. Click 'Spin and Place Bet' for the chance to increase the odds by 10.

Pace your bet and let the spinner tell you if and how many times your odds have been enhanced. It will also display the potential winnings.

How does Spin & Bet work?

1 in 1,000 Spin & Bets will get a maximum x10 increase in odds, and 1 in 500 will get an x5 increase. There are certain probabilities for each specific multiplier to hit in Spin & Bet, predetermined and the same for all customers, so everyone has the same chance of getting any given multiplier.

The lowest multiplier 'x1' has the highest chance of hitting, and it will occur with the most frequency. As the multipliers increase, the possibility of them hitting gets smaller, with the 'x10' multiplier occurring the least.

Below you'll see a list of the multipliers and the chances for each on hitting:

  • x 1 multiplier - 47.70%
  • x 1.2 multiplier - 20%
  • x 1.3 multiplier - 9.5%
  • x 1.4 multiplier - 8.5%
  • x 1.5 multiplier - 7.5%
  • x 2 multiplier - 6.5%
  • x 5 multiplier - 0.20%
  • x 10 multiplier - 0.10%

Short-term deviations from expected results will always occur in random processes. This element of randomness is what makes these wagers particularly exciting and allows us to offer high prizes!

What's the maximum stake for Spin & Bet?

The maximum stake for Spin & Bet is $/£/€100, and to fund the Spin & Bet enhanced odds, 10% of the stakes goes toward the prize pool.

Here's an example of how it works:

You bet Manchester United at odds 2/1 (3.0) for $/£/€10 with Spin & Bet. That becomes a $/£/€9 stake at 2/1 (3.0) with the other $/£/€1 going to the jackpot pool. If Manchester United wins, your expected winnings (including stake) would be £27. If Spin & Bet awards a ten times odds boost, the enhanced odds would be 20/1 (21), meaning a return of £189 (9 x 20/1 or 9 x 21).

How are Spin & Bet odds calculated?

The enhanced odds for Spin & Bet are calculated over the winnings and don't include your initial stake. If you win, you'll get back the original stake, and the winnings times the spin factor. Calculate the returns, multiply your winnings by the spin factor, and add the stake minus the fee.

If you would like more information about this, press the information icon on our website's Spin & Bet banner.

Can I use my Free Bets to play Spin & Bet?

You can use your Free Bets on many different wagers, but to use the Spin & Bet feature, you'll need to place a bet using real money. This is because 10% of all money staked on Spin & Bet goes directly towards funding the increased payouts you could win.


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